bioclimatiko-kelifos-291x300The moveable Ark Top Systems aluminum blinds installed in the building shell, contribute effectively to the economy by halving the use of air conditioning means lower initial installation cost air conditioning machinery , while power consumption is reduced to 60 % , since it reduces the thermal burden the building and the possible reasons for limiting global solar radiation before it reaches the main building envelope .

With external blinds and shades to adjust the incoming light to the desired levels and ensures the ideal climate in various interiors upgraded in an ecological, healthy and pleasant living and working environment . Offered in a variety of architectural colors and significantly contribute to saving energy in the context of the Ark Top Systems bioclimatic building . Electrically or manually enabled automation sensors combined with air , light and moisture as in all moveable blinds systems Ark Top Systems. Also combined with the moveable Ark Top Systems persidoto polycarbonate shell, besides energy savings range offers design translucent shades and with moveable ShadArksol photovoltaic blinds greENergy that apart from saving energy and provide electricity generation.

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