Architectural energy shell | Open – close or stable Photovoltaic – Aluminum

greENergyThe ARK TOP SYSTEMS firm of architecture equipment established in 1994 is well-known for it’s enviromental concerns. This can be evident by it’s investment in researches into incorporation of photovoltaic application in order to provide the sufficient energy generated by renewable sources.

Although photovoltaic systems (sun power solar cells and panels) are not a novelty since they’re already been instaled in 1972 in a school in the region of Niger – France, ARK TOP SYSTEMS introduce a new kind of high – performance solar panels roof tiles and trackers that deliver more energy than competing systems and what is more they can be installed on flat – roofs in the form of lattice work combined with photovoltaic. As a result this high – performance solar electric technology will be introduced and welcomed as a renewable source of energy to the construction fields. It’s said that by the year 2050 this kind of saving energy technology will cover for 50% of all our needs for energy while 25% of them will rest on photovoltaic. The close and open or stable solar roof tile system of ARK TOP SYSTEMS are made of alumunium or polycarbonate with the possibility of having photovoltaic elements incorporated in them can be installed in patios, pelgolas, shades, roofs, bars, external sides of building and swimming pools in various combinations, ensuring the viability of the environment on energy generated (kw) can block the emissions of 1.450kl of CO2. Not to mention that this achievement requires 2 acres of forests.

The characteristic of photovoltaic roof tile Arksol louver is that the capability of more than one photovoltaic strip between them has adjustable length by an integer multiple of the size of cells and that the overall width is small in size, 24cm in particular the relationship between them is 20cm pitch because of the insulation overlap.

ARKSOL-LOUVERAdditionally due to its shape becomes possible placement with open closed or steady links over a pergola, external blinds, a balcony railing, on facades, roofs with a possibility of replacing the tile in the parking areas and generally where they can place the classic louvers.







Especially due to the shape of photovoltaic roof tile louvers, when placed in
succession, with partial overlap, provide watertight but allowing air to swirl together,
thereby achieving the cooling of photovoltaic cells and maximize their performance.
The capacity for photovoltaic roof tile louvers with sliding mechanism on a
pergola in the open position protects the cells from hail and offers easy cleaning and visual





Photovoltaic Arksol louvers are produced in lengths from 85 cm to 5 cells up to
658 cm with 40 cells. The nominal capacity of each cell is 3.75 watt, and may be out of
polycrystalline and monocrystalline. In addition to ensuring 60% greater installed
capacity than the floor installation of solar panels and bases such a terrace.
The range of applications is unlimited data with varying colors of choice for all parts of the

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