greENergy-18An innovation of green energy from ARK TOP SYSTEMS in the palette of green and renewable building photovoltaic products greENergy, that the photovoltaic awning Texark amorphous silicon, offer depending on the amount of on photovoltaic panels in a system of awnings, a satisfactory energy independence with rich shading.



greENergy-19The patented special very flexible amorphous silicon does not necessarily greENergy-19iliaki radiation to electricity, but it works even in simple brightness. Shows greater efficiency in absorbing light from any other type of PV and is ideal for systems applications, light tent, even in the guidelines where crystalline photovoltaic is not productive as north or north-west and even north.

greENergy-21 greENergy-20

Weight photovoltaic panels : 900gram/m2
– Fabric Type : Acrylic Awning 100 % waterproof to 10 ( Ten ) years warranty.
– Type photovoltaic panels : Flexible and very soft amorphous silicon folds perfectly capable systems awnings .
– Dimension coverage of each solar panel : 1 M x 1.65 M
– Electrical warranty : 10 ( Ten ) years performance guarantee at least 80 % of the installed capacity .
– Output Current : 50 Watt per m2 per hour, assuming 12 hours of brightness and sunlight performance of each panel is about 600 Watt day.

Example tent : Two panels on a canopy 5m x 2.70 opening offer performance 1200 Watt day capable of powering eg 34 energy-saving lamps of 35 Watt each nationwide

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