Bioclimatic Facilities contARK RTC

Extremely low to zero energy and fully recyclable, high quality construction of bioclimatic housing and various other public and specialized use, incorporate green technologies greENergy saving and production of renewable energy and water management, with unlimited architectural possibilities modern human-centered design, fully integrated into the traditional local built environment, protecting it without injuring.
They feature special construction standards Rough Terrain Cabins guaranteed self-supporting structural capacity point support even on uneven ground without need for the deck plate (for example construction length 7,25 m width and 2,5 m rests solely on the four corner points) to enable greener integration with respect to the natural environment without excavation and earth embankments that negatively affect the terrain and biodiversity.
They grow in a variety of architectural construction drawings of individual bungalows as multistoried complexes based on vertebrate extendable and removable in all directions derivatives combinations based on international standards ISO20 ‘, ISO40’ and ISO45 ‘ predominant form where shapely stone sills , aprons windows and perimeter cornice include the construction polymonotiko armored shell maximum insulation value of ecological polyurethane containing 95 % closed cells and density 2kgr / m³, class B2 or B3 with ISO 9001:2000 certification or fireproof rock wool with certified fire resistance REI 30 & REI 60, while successor insulating intermediate cluster tubes followed by high quality insulation with MDF ending indoors with guaranteed hygiene antibacterial treatment enhanced aesthetic style that offers a pleasant atmosphere in the environment with the guarantee of Microban.

The enhanced shielding polymonotic shell due to the special relationship innervated galvanized steel with thickness 2mm certified CSC Steel Corten, while the insulating doors and windows with double glazing special shielding systems can cooperate with the alarm system and paging. Between the roof and the roof is utilized storage loft easily visited with stair offering comfortable use auxiliary spaces capable surface corresponding to the roof.

The correctly oriented placement of construction is important because the roof instead of insulating tile can be applied cool, υδατοστεγήςκεραμιδοφωτοβολταϊκή Arksol roof with a maximum installed capacity 120wp / m² which to acquire the RTC of ARK TOP SYSTEMS to ILIOCHRIMATODOTISI ensuring maximum economic benefits payback of the cost of acquisition, from the proceeds of sale to PPC electricity producing photovoltaic Arksol.

From rainwater tanks ensure watering and washing exteriors while in the bathroom and the kitchen can be used innovation Douzon, where rain unchlorinated water anavathmizetaime oxygenation through ozonation according to European standards EN 61 000-6-3: 2007 , EN 61 000-6-1: 2007, EN 60335-2-65: 2003 to have sterile cleanliness without aggravating people and the environment with chemical cleaners real sense of freshness in the field and in the human body , removing dead cells ( scaling ) , with beneficial effects in combating hair loss , warts and hemorrhoids.

This can be extended to moveable photovoltaic pergola Arksol applied as mobile prostegastro even without columns , upgrading multifunctional value of construction with additional 120wp / m² installed capacity . An important advantage is the augmented cooling caused by aerostrovilismo between aerodynamic aftoexaerizomenon keramidomorfon Arksol photovoltaic louvers when the temperature exceeds 25C º achieving : a) reduce heat loss efficiency of electricity production (about 0.5 % per degree C º) because of induced the lowest temperature and b) the cooler environment provided by the underside of the photovoltaic keramidomorfon Arksol louvres.

The advantages of moveable watertight PV Arksol pergola include convenience ( without overtop ) control and cleaning , but also the additional system protection from the aggression of weather events (hail , tornadoes ) with automatic movement of the slats in the proper position while depending work.His work indeed moods ( eg dusk with sunset ) opening the louvers reveals heaven dinontasmegalyteri pleasure of human contact with the natural environment .

For additional savings and greater expansion of renewable electricity generation , environmental and economic benefits can be installed with a nominal power 113,63 wp / m² photovoltaic Arksol the moveable blinds that apart from sun protection and thermal protection can increase the total installed rated power at 10kwp even in a small house just 15m ² creating multiple prostatemenoaxiopoiisimo space , with full development program chrisitoueidikou PV in buildings . The architectural Arksol photovoltaic products greENergy designed by ARK TOP SYSTEMS to support growth and development of research and expertise SOLARK. It is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and have European standards EN-61215, EN-61730, certified lead-free construction ( environmental protection , does not contain lead) , CE mark and are produced under the auspices of EPIA – European Photovoltaic Industry Association and the moveable support system is certified with ISO 9001:2000.

The solar roof can include the latest generation of solar water heater vacuum high performance fully integrated into the roof , featuring built from the underside of the boiler polymonotiko resistive 1,5 kwe offering energy independence with domestic hot water and adjuvants contribute to the analogous equipment for heating and cooling of the interior that also with reduced thermal losses ensures polymonotiko shell generated thermal comfort conditions they attach heat in winter and cool in summer.

For full electric range utilized arrays and batteries per case examines the feasibility of integrating vertical axis wind turbine. Apart from the utilization of natural light all the lights are energy saving as LED. The structures have water supply, electricity and sewerage connectivity in biological system.

In modern global reality flowing construction of RTC Ark Top Systems with the rated energy autonomy support lawful and decent human sustainable infrastructure deployment, business development and supporting the changing needs per year even in demanding points with respect to the environment and laws.

Apart from houses and bungalows in campsites can be used in various applications of permanent or temporary nature oposendeiktika mention some :

1 . Energetic self transported accommodations – outposts for military, fire , Coast Guard , police , border guards , wardens .
2 . Energetic self transported shelters for mountaineering clubs , environmental organizations , research and fishing shelters – observatories islets .
3 . Temporary office space in mines , quarries , photovoltaic parks.
4. Reception and accommodation and archaeological activities , ( broth under developing treatment – medical and religious tourism )
5. Foodservice and leisure .
6. Properties hospitality and protection of vulnerable groups ( earthquake , immigrants , etc. ) 7. Units sanitary emergencies .

The bioclimatic architecture Technodomiki equipment guarantees the energy savings you:

Saving energy by significantly reducing losses due to improved hull protection and behavior of structural elements.

Production of thermal energy through solar systems directly or indirectly profit contribution to the thermal needs of premises and partially cover the heating requirements of the building.

Creation of conditions for thermal comfort and reduce the requirements on the thermostat setting (at lower temperatures in winter and higher in summer).

Maintain indoor air temperature at high levels in winter (and correspondingly low in summer), thus reducing the load to meet the energy requirements of the ancillary systems by the use of the building.

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