The company Architectural Technodome Equipment “Ark Top Systems” presents innovative products with flawless architectural implementation in contemporary bioclimatic buildings with possibility of integrating PV in moveable or fixed auto-ventilation aluminum or polycarbonate pergola blinds systems , patios , blinds , roofs, sheds, fences, facades , wall panels , sound barriers and applications of tent-coping type. Potential client, to meet the construction needs, is updated via reports, media advertising and leaflets and to identify the best solution visits the exhibition shop ARK TOP SYSTEMS, this Web site (with photographs of the site and plan or sketch with dimensions), even projects in every corner of Greece and with the advice and support of specialist staff, in cooperating on building a successful outcome in the context of the requirements, consider having the objective data of the product chosen compared and prices , taking into account the shortcomings and the comparative advantages that exist there.